Biodiversity of the Metchosin Coastline

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Mammal Diversity:rmsept27maandpup2

Invertebrate Diversity:


Bucephala albeola (Bufflehead)Bird Diversity:


Fish Diversity:

halosaccPlant Diversity:

Amphibian Diversity:

    • Northern red -legged frog ( Rana aurora ): an image from down in the Gooch creek marsh, near the ocean


    • Pacific chorus frog or Pacific tree frog, (Hyla regilla) This is the most common amphibian in the coastal areas, present as long as fresh water is available.

    Reptile Diversity

    • Western terrestrial garter snake (Thamnophis elegans):  Found frequently among the logs in the upper intertidal along Taylor Beach.
    • Sharp tailed snake (Contia tenuis )  Found in the nearby forests, rotting stumps,It is a rare snake in Metchosin and is very secretive .



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    The Metchosin Bioblitz  Weir’s Beach to Taylor Bluffs Species List:


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