Information and Issues of the Coastline of Metchosin on Southern Vancouver Island

The MetchosinCoastal website was designed to provide a set of resources where we can appreciate the diversity of ecosystems on our shoreline while making a commitment to maintain the natural environment and to restore that which we have abused. It is a plea for a long term commitment from Metchosin residents to maintain the sustainability of all aspects of our shoreline .

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Past Reports to
Metchosin Council on Coastal Values and Protection
Index of Map Sectors of Metchosin’s Coastline Biodiversity in
Coastal Metchosin
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Coastal Issues
of Metchosin
Anthropogenic Habitat Modification on the
Shores of Metchosin
Links to Resources on Development Issues
in Coastal Areas
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Sample Underwater
Images from
Coastal Areas
Coastal Sustainability Oil Spill Risk to Metchosin Shores