Anthropogenic (human-caused) Ecosystem Modification

Anthropogenic: (Combining form of Ancient Greek ἄνθρωπος (anthrōpos, man, human), with the suffix -genic, (producing or generating something)


Aerial Maps Courtesy of the CRD NATURAL AREAS ATLAS

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Where more than one map exists, they are organized from North to South.

collageClick on the collage above for an enlargement of this tribute to the beautification of Metchosin’s shorelines!

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Race Rocks Archipelago- anthropogenic impactDocks, blasting from Bentinck Island, Ecotourism and Illegal Fishing impacts.
Bentinck Island and Rocky Point- anthropogenic impactDocks and Sea wall bulkhead
Church Island and Whirl Bay- anthropogenic impactMilitary Installation for underwater explosives testing
Beecher Bay anthropogenic impactLog booming and docks.
Pedder Bay- anthropogenic impactSeveral docks, sewage outfalls parking lot runoff.
William Head anthropogenic impactSewage outfall, docks.
Weirs and Taylor Beach- anthropogenic impactShoreline construction.
Albert Head North Beach. Albert Head anthropogenic impactSea wall construction
Witty’s lagoon and Tower Point Wittys Lagoon human impactSea Walls and bulkheading on shoreline


perkinslane_pugetsoundWe must however consider ourselves lucky (so far ) in Metchosin, as we have yet to experience the disasters that have happened in Puget Sound .
This link to an Image Gallery  shows how bad it can get:


See this file on the Forage Fish and the hazards from development