3.1.1 Key Species

Although all parts of an ecosystem are important for its long term sustainability, several species can be selected out which are essential to the operation of the whole system.

  • herring
    need for controls on over-harvesting

Ways these can be impacted:

  • overharvesting,
  • competition from introduced species
  • habitat loss.
  • toxic materials

How to mitigate this..

  • increase in research, baseline standards
  • moratorium on marine system development,
  • need to restore lost habitat
  • need for large areas to be set aside as parks or reserves for habitat now while it is available, later it may diminish.
  • complete detoxification of all run-off waters.
  • “a no negative impact” is the only option for marine developments.
  • recognition of interconnectivity in management of resources.

3.2 Integration and interconnections of Marine Ecosystems

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